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Clean Energy


Network Resilience

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Transform Your Legacy

Energy Infrastructure

with Clean Tech



Our business model leverages the innovation of Clean-Energy-as-a-Service coupled with other DC equipment to supercharge deep decarbonization of Telecom infrastructure in low-income developing countries.

Our business model along with saving skyrocketing energizing costs, also harnesses environmental benefits. Our business model along with saving costs, also harnesses environmental benefits.

To overcome challenges associated with rapidly increasing energizing costs, our business model not only accelerates green energy adoption but also enables long-term capex-free energy security for Telecom Operators.

We enable Data-Driven Decisions to monitor energy performance while drawing meaningful insights from datasets.



Enabling Data-Driven

Decisions to monitor energy performance while drawing meaningful insights from datasets.


Business Models

Shared Saving Model



Our aim is to innovate, create value, drive growth, and energize Telecom industry with future-ready sustainable energy.

We are developing deep capabilities in digital technologies such as Data Analytics, AI, Cloud and IoT and harnessing those capabilities with renewable-led distributed energy streams

Our Commitment to

Sustainable Development Goals

We are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals as approved by UN in 2015 and these goals are the guiding principles for our business strategy and governance.

Clean Energy

Affordable and Clean

Clean Energy

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

The Leadership

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Bilal Qureshi


Abdul Rehman Qureshi

Director Strategy​

Ayla Majid

Recent Projects


Flagship Transformation Project Telenor Pakistan

Seven Years Frame Agreement with Telenor for first-of-its-kind transformation project in Pakistan. The project entails decarbonization of the Telenor’s BTS infrastructure while saving capex and reducing opex.


Site count


Capex Savings


Annual Opex Savings

40,000 Tons+

Annual Carbon Emissions Reduction

Our state-of-the-art low carbon solutions on Telco Sites with 7 years warranties to result in assured network uptime & performance.

These savings via our solution deployment on only 5% of Telenor’s Network sites

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